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Our brand is relatively new, but our experience spans over 60 years.
We have been supplying components for the loudspeaker industry for a long time and the constant contact with the technical and engineering areas enabled us to understand what really makes the difference in the quality of the product and the sound it generates.
Aratell Audio Speakers, live this experience!


From Carbon Steel or White Zinc we manufacture Botton plates or Top Plates from 16 to 30mm in diameter, as well as Poles / Cores with an external diameter from 19 to 101,6 mm.
Our housings are stamped in carbon steel sheets from 0.75 to 1.5mm thick, for Speakers from 4" to 18".
If you need a special product or specific measures or if you need to develop a new or customized project, please contact us.


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In addition to our own product line; with experience in the production of loudspeakers for applications in the Automotive and Professional lines; we can develop products for your needs or company within an extensive range of variations in sizes, powers, types and several other characteristics.
See the variety of options we can offer and contact us for more information.


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