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Aratell Audio's history dates back to the period when the Aratell Group's stamping company supplied metal components for loudspeaker manufacturers.
With the entry of major players in the market and the closure of the activities of others, the productive sector of this segment was quite troubled, signaling an opportunity that led Aratell's managers to invest in a line of own loudspeakers.
Today Aratell Audio continues to supply components to several manufacturers in addition to supplying loudspeakers to the professional sound industry, as well as offering a line under its own brand.



Aratell Audio has a large production capacity for both components and finished products.
In our plant we manufacture the plates, poles and housings and in partnership with the supply of specially qualified and approved suppliers, we assemble Speakers for third parties and for our own brand.
Our engineering is able to develop specific projects for your needs.



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